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Production, Animation & Visual Effects

Video Editing, Post Production & Media Authoring

We have a full range of video editing services and capabilities. Using custom designed systems, we can achieve excellent results without the excessive costs that are often associated to video editing services.

Our services for post-production include compositing, chroma screen matting and trapping, colour correction, visual special effects, titles as well as conversions between various video formats and more. With our workflow we are able to create visuals optimised for internet, DVD, video and other media, all from a single source with first generation quality every time.

We offer complete DVD & Blu-ray authoring services, including creating, editing and finishing of graphic, animation and audio content. Audio, Video and Data DVD’s can be created, completely customised to meet any requirements.  DVD’s can be created for any combination of regions, formats and standards including NTSC and PAL.  DVD’s can be created in stereo and full 5.1 surround sound.

2D & 3D Animation and Visual Effects

Since the success of animated movies such as Toy Story, Shrek and Finding Nemo, more and more focus has been placed on the creating unique imagery that separates you from your competition. Almost all modern commercials contain some degree of animation or special effects. Inner Circle Studios can help take your company to the leading edge quickly and successfully.  Unlike traditional forms of illustration and video which are based on physical reality, 2D or 3D animation has no boundaries - anything is possible.

One of the advantages of our workflow is the integration between our Post-Production Visual & Post-Production Audio teams. They are constantly in communication, allowing the mastering of the music, sound FX and voice-overs to be completed in parallel to the visuals, ensuring that there are no internal or external delays.

Services Include

  • Multi-region DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
  • 2D & 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Visual & Special Effects
  • Compositing & chroma key
  • Scientific, Engineering and other simulation-based animations
  • Realtime 3D Graphics and Animation
  • 2D / 3D Graphic Workstations and Servers
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